We see Community Groups as vital to growing in Christ

In a church as diverse as St Paul’s, Community Groups are the best way to build substantial relationships with people on the journey of knowing and treasuring Jesus. Even if you’re right at the beginning of that journey and are still asking questions about what it means to follow Jesus, we have groups that will help you where you’re at.

The main place where people meet to:

  • grow in their relationship with God by understanding His word and committing things to prayer;
  • care for each other and grow in relationship with one another as a loving, diverse community in Christ.

Most of our Community Groups will study the sermon passage each week in more depth - a great way to explore the bible together in more detail, reflect and ask questions.

We have many different types of Community Groups

  • Multi-ethnic, Multi-generational
  • Daytime and night time
  • Different days of the week
  • Youth Groups
  • What is Christianity?
  • Further Biblical Education Courses

For more information on our Community Groups contact the church office on 02 8440 8400 or email us.