Attend St. Paul's?

The Gospel Shapes Who We Are

Our Mission

Treasuring Jesus together for God’s glory and the joy of all people.


Treasure Jesus

To treasure Jesus means that we value Jesus more than every other ‘treasure’ and therefore we worship him, love him, obey him, live every day for him wholeheartedly, and gather as His people.


When Christians live and worship together they are bound together by love. Christian community extends beyond weekly gatherings to function as the true body of Christ, where anyone can belong, everyone can grow in their faith, and where care, accountability and love are on full display as an overflow of our love for Jesus.



For God’s Glory and the Joy of all People

 Jesus is the supreme treasure who offers all people the greatest joy in this life. As His Church we explore ways to live out our calling to declare His Saving Words to all people we encounter in our lives with our words, actions, and acts of service across our city.

Here's What We Value as a Church

The core values of any organization reflect who it is and what it believes.

We believe the people whom Jesus has called into relationship with himself from every tribe, language, nation, and generation, are His Church and not an institution or a building. In an age of individualism we value vigilance and accountability in treasuring Jesus together as his diverse people.

Leadership in the church is, at its heart, service of God and others. Following the example of Jesus – and with training, nurture and modelling – our leaders are to selflessly teach, pastor and equip those they lead. We delegate leadership, and empower leaders to lead.

Prayer for the Christian is a gift because it is continuing a conversation that the personal God has started with us through His Word and his grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with him. It is one of the great privileges of the Christian to be able to talk to the sovereign, all powerful, Creator of the universe.

Our possessions, finances, talents and time come to us as gifts from God and belong to God. At St .Paul’s we seek to use all these gifts for God’s glory and not for our glory or comfort.

Jesus commissioned His disciples of all nations until the end of time by proclaiming the good news of Jesus crucified and risen for the forgiveness of sins. His last words to them was a charge to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. His last words are to be our first concern.

We believe the Christian Bible alone is God’s inspired, infallible and unerring means of speaking to all humanity. The Bible is the final authority, and standard for faith and conduct of life for all people.

The promise of God in James 4:6 is that is that God gives grace to the humble. We are convinced that no effective growth, ministry or mission happens without the cultivation of humility in the heart and the weakening of pride.

A safe and welcoming environment for all.

We strongly believe that everyone has a right to feel safe. Read our policies on domestic violence and child safety.