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We strongly believe that everyone has a right to feel safe.

Domestic Abuse Policy

We have developed a Domestic Violence Policy to ensure that everyone who walks through the doors of this church can know that they are in a safe and supportive place. If you ever feel unsafe or would like to speak to someone in complete confidence please contact us on 02 8440 8400.

Safe Ministry

St Paul’s takes the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults seriously. We want this to be community where all people feel safe, valued and are treated with dignity.

We want our ministries to be characterised by grace and forgiveness not rules and regulations; but the Bible is concerned that leaders have a particularly high standard in their personal life.

St Paul’s adheres to the Diocesan Ministry Blueprint which outlines the expected processes required. The Blueprint for Parents & Church Members can be found at the link below. As a church, we require that all leaders who work with children, youth or other vulnerable people adhere to the Safe Ministry Pledge.

For more information on the Sydney Diocese Safe Ministry Blueprint for Churches please head to

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